Call Sri Lanka with total freedom, no buts no ifs! For a fixed price of 15.00 GBP/month you have an unlimited calling plan to call any number in Sri Lanka. CallCeylon Infinity is the only calling plan in the current market with unlimited airtime to Sri Lanka for a fixed price.

Calling SRI LANKA Will not be the
same again

  • CallCeylon Infinity is a high quality long distance calling service you can subscribe to using your existing SIM. You can track and monitor all your call records and itemised billing online via the dedicated user portal.
  • We assure you and guarantee that there are no maintenance charges, admin fees or any other hidden charges when using the service at any time. It's easy to sign up, manage and most importantly use the service.
  • With the CallCeylon Infinity plan, you have the choice to use the best service provider for your calling needs. You can use your mobile or fixed line for local, or free inclusive minutes and use CallCeylon Infinity for your international calling needs.
  • You can call our customer services 7 days a week on 0203 769 6969 or email us at
Call Sri lanka with total

No Connection fees, No hidden extras What you see is what you pay

Whatever your current usage and budget

We have the right price plan for you with guaranteed savings

Low cost calling solution to Sri Lanka

Talk to us today and calling Sri Lanka will never be the same again for you

CallCeylon Infinity Products

Two of the best value for money calling plans with unlimited talk time to Sri Lanka

Why Choose Us

  • We do not charge call connection fees. No hidden charges. No surprises.

  • We do not have peak/off peak rates. You pay the same flat rate 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

  • Our call rates are the cheapest in the market.

  • Call any mobile or landline number in Sri Lanka. No restrictions, No 'only one number you can call' rule.

  • We are the ONLY service provider who offer incoming calls from Sri Lanka which is totally FREE to receive.

  • Our speed dialling facility can program your favourite destination numbers. No need to dial the full number.

  • Total freedom. No contracts to sign, no long term commitments. Cancel anytime you want.

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